We are MUKA Ethiopia Tours, prepared to help you discover Ethiopia. We craft both luxury and budget private tours to Ethiopia. Our Ethiopian and German team in Addis Ababa is planning and organizing your Ethiopia trip out of great passion and experience. We always find new, undiscovered places away from the usual touristic paths and include in our tours. Of course, our tours also cover highlights of Ethiopia such as the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Simien Mountains and the active volcanoes in Afar.

Meeting local communities in destinations is an important aspect of our tours. Experiencing the local communities’ authentic way of life creates unforgettable moments for our guests. In our tailor-made private tours, you can be a guest to a local family and cook your dinner together. In Southern Ethiopia, you may join a family for a walk through their natural coffee forest. You also have a chance to experience the art of Ethiopian coffee brewing in the coffee farm. Besides, experiencing a homestay is an activity that is preferred by most of our guests. With such exciting Ethiopia trips, we invite you to join our tours and discover the land of extremes.


We organize tailor-made trekking tours in Ethiopian mountains and trips to communities in remote villages. Tours to historically significant places, hiking in national parks, photography and biking tours, and much more. You can find your favorite tour or ask for a customized private tour.

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We are Katharina Ley from Germany and Mulugeta Demssie from Ethiopia. MUKA has been our project since we met in Girona, Spain for a joint tourism master degree program. After working and living in Ethiopia, USA, Hong Kong and Germany, we founded this small specialized tour operator. We name it “MUKA Ethiopia Tours”. We love to share our passion for traveling to Ethiopia and discovering new cultures with you. At MUKA, we help travelers to have a closer look at the destinations and local communities in Ethiopia. Our concept is fairness, and we promote fair trade in tourism in our tours to Ethiopia. Thus, local communities get their fair share from both our tours and your trip to Ethiopia. We believe this is one way of supporting the sustainable development of local communities in tourism destinations by increasing communities’ income from tourism.

All our private Ethiopia tours are planned and conducted by ourselves. We are familiar with every single tourist attraction in Ethiopia and traveled through the whole country. We visited every place included in our tours and checked the quality of each accommodation. Hence, our tours are full of insiders’ tips and exciting encounters with locals. When you choose to travel with us, your tour is completely from us. Therefore, there are no intermediary agencies between you and us. Let us take you to the wonderful places in one of our Ethiopia tours. Or contact us for customized private tours. We are happy to advise and provide you with non-binding offers.

Find out more about our team, fair travel principles, our unique homestay and environmental projects in Ethiopia. Or contact us for any inquiries.

Interaction With Local ♦ Undiscovered Places & Touristic Highlights ♦ Responsible & Sustainable Tourism



We are a specialized tour operator only for Ethiopia. Therefore our primary goal is to give you an authentic and full picture of the country and its people. We organize tours to the touristic highlights of the country and places away from the classic tourist routes. You will experience unspoiled nature, spectacular landscape, different faunas and floras, and most of all, hospitable people. Your encounters with Ethiopian families in small villages together with local guides will help you discover Ethiopia as local. We guarantee you unique experiences in all our customized and small group tours to Ethiopia.

While providing quality holidays in Ethiopia, we are also committed to promoting fair trade in tourism. Besides, we would like to support the sustainable development of local communities through our tours. MUKA wants to be a model for a sustainable and responsible travel business by implementing our fair trade policy and supporting sustainable projects in Ethiopia. Also, we compensate 100% of your CO2 emissions in Ethiopia with our partner environmental organization named atmosfair. The money is used for their environmental projects in Ethiopia.


Do you like to design your private Ethiopia tour? We are glad to advise and work with you and create a customized private trip to Ethiopia. You can pick one or more of our tours for a reference and decide dates and travel partners by yourself.

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12 Days Holidays in Northern Ethiopia - Historic Route

This 12 days tour covers the northern part of the country. Northern Ethiopia has a culture and history since the beginning of Ethiopian Civilisation 3,000 years ago. Hence, the region has been playing an important role in shaping the history and culture of the country. Notably, Axumite, Agew (Lalibela) and Gondarine civilizations left historical and cultural legacies that we can witness today. This Ethiopia trip covers all these historically and culturally important places.

From 2,300 € / Person

13 Days Ethiopia Trip to Tribes of Lower Omo Valley

This Ethiopia trip takes you to the tribes of Lower Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia. We dive into the culture and traditions of various fascinating ethnic tribes of lower Omo valley. These tribes include Mursi, Hamer and the Dassanech. Other than visiting the tribes, we will have a boat ride and small hike in the Nechisar National Park. The colorful markets in several small villages add extra flavor to the tour. In this private Ethiopia trip, we may visit a local family in a village and enjoy the typical coffee ceremony. This gives us a chance to interact and get to know the people and culture of Ethiopians.

From 2,400 € / Person

15 Days Private Tour to Harar & Northern Ethiopia

The 15 Days private tour to Northern and Eastern Ethiopia shows a clear contrast of two wonderful cultures. In the North, the tour covers history, culture and architecture of early Ethiopian civilizations at Axum, Lalibela and Gondar. Then, it extends to the east to visit the colorful markets and vibrant culture of the old town of Harar.

From 2,550 € / Person

20 Days Ethiopia Trip - Southern & Northern Ethiopia

Traveling to northern and southern Ethiopia is almost covering the history, culture, and nature of the country in one trip. This private Ethiopia tour covers the historic places like Lalibela, Gondar, Axum and Bahir Dar. The tour also combines the extraordinary natural beauty of Simien Mountains and unique culture of tribes of Lower Omo Valley.

From 2,750 € / Person