Carbon Emissions Compensation

While traveling in Ethiopia, you may produce from 1, 500 to 2,500 kg of CO2 on domestic flights and overland transport. MUKA Travel compensates 100% of your Co2 emissions by contributing the compensation amount to a project working to provide Solar Home Systems in Ethiopia. In cooperation with a climate protection organization called atmosfair, efficient solar systems are being developed and made available to the rural communities in Ethiopia.

So far, only about 20% of the Ethiopian population is connected to electrical power grid. Particularly in the rural regions, there is a lack of power supply. Many Ethiopians get light from kerosene lamps, which is expensive, inefficient and not environmentally friendly. However, the country receives a strong sunlight all the year round, which has an excellent potential for solar energy. Together with the young company in Ethiopia called Fosera, atmosfair is developing high-quality and affordable solar systems, which are distributed to the Ethiopian households. Up to four lamps can be connected to such a system, which can save approx. 0.25 t CO2 annually compared to the use of kerosene lamps. Another significant advantage is the prevention of smoke pollution emitted from the harmful kerosene lamps.

carbon emissions while traveling to Ethiopia

Another partner of the project is the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ). To significantly expand the national know-how and competencies in the field of solar technologies, GIZ offers pieces of training and further education for students, lecturers and entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. Additional information on the project can be found on the atmosfair website.