Fair Business

Fairness of the tourism system is a big issue in many developing countries. We have seen that many tourism businesses in the developing world are either being owned by foreigners or controlled by few local elites. The local communities are not well benefited from the tourism resources they naturally own. MUKA Travel tries to its best to bring a fair trade in tourism. Here is how we are promoting fair trade in tourism.

Use Local Guides

We use local guides in each destination. Locals are experts in their area. They know the best places and the best time to travel around. While this is a sound reason to use local guides, we also want to create more job opportunities for locals. We do not let others take their job.

Locally Owned Accommodations

We avoid international chain hotels and use standard locally owned accommodation. This is one way of retaining the money in the visited area. Most of the hotels and lodges we use are owned and run by a family. Even in areas where there are limited options for locally owned accommodations, we consider the contribution made to locals to choose a specific a hotel or lodge.

Fair Price

We pay a fair price, not only for local service providers but also for families and communities. Most importantly, we do not and will never set a price for services provided by local guides, families, and villages. They have the right to set a value for their service.

Travel to Ethiopia with local guides
Private Ethiopia tours with locals


We respect the local culture and always meet people with their custom and traditions with the necessary respect. We inform our guests to do the same.


We are actively engaged in social projects as well as programs for the protection of nature. Read more about our projects here

Cross-Cultural Exchange through Interaction

We believe cross-cultural exchange through interaction with locals leads to better mutual understanding. To facilitate this, we arranged a homestay so that guests meet a local family for an overnight stay, a joint cooking event or a traditional coffee ceremony. Interaction with locals provides guests with unique travel experiences and an extension of one’s horizon. The local families also benefit from the interaction. In each visit, a family earns extra income to support their livelihood.

Read more about our Homestays.

Sustainable and Fair Trip

During your trip to Ethiopia, you may produce from 1, 500 to 2,500 kg of CO2 on domestic flights and overland transport. MUKA Travel compensates 100% of your Co2 emissions by contributing the compensation amount to a project working to provide Solar Home Systems in Ethiopia. In cooperation with a climate protection organization called atmosfair, efficient solar systems are being developed and made available to the rural communities in Ethiopia. Find more information about the project here.

Through our homestays and other interaction with locals, families, and communities benefit from our trips. We also visit social projects and programs for nature conservation.

In general, our trips to Ethiopia are economically fair and transparent, socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Even with such special travel arrangements, our offers are not expensive than others. Join us and enjoy your trip to Ethiopia with a good conscience.

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