Visit Local Families

Through a visit to an Ethiopian family, you will get to know more about the country, people, and their culture. The main purpose of visiting local families is to create opportunities for guests and locals to interact together. You will learn about the daily life of locals on the spot. You meet incredibly hospitable people, listen to their stories and laugh with them. Your local guide will always be there and help overcome the language barrier. The family members provide you an opportunity to take part in different activities like traditional coffee ceremony, local cuisine preparation and other events like weaving and pottery. Visiting local family offer exciting insights into life on the ground and allows to see the real life of the people of Ethiopia. In all the cases, you will have fascinating stories to take home.

Visiting families or villages in different parts of Ethiopia in our tours mean far beyond experiencing a unique and discrete culture. The visited families receive an additional income for each visit. Even if this small money cannot bring a complete change, it brings extra income to support their livelihood. The additional income makes the families more independent in cases of uncertainties like fluctuating yields of agriculture.

Intercultural exchange is the other most important aspects of visiting a family. Travelers and locals learn from each other and share stories. Stranger hosts and guests will become friends.

Learning handicraft making while traveling to Ethiopia

Homestay with Local Families

homestay in Ethiopia

On some of our tours, you have the possibility to stay one or more night with a local family in a small village. There is a definite difference between the overnight experience in a homestay and the classic hotels or accommodation that you might be accustomed to. Many local families live a simple life. They do not expect too much comfort. The sanitary facilities cannot be compared with European standards. In the homestay, you may sleep in small cottage either on a mattress or with a simple bed. However, you always have a separate area for yourself. In spite of the simple accommodation, you will have a wonderful experience as you get a chance to immerse yourself deeply in the lives of the local people. You will learn new recipes when cooking together, dance around the campfire in the evening, and hear local legends before going to bed. Your local guide will also be there to help you understand things. Every homestay is an unforgettable experience … let yourself be surprised.