We organize a private luxury travel to Ethiopia. The tours are designed for travelers with extra comfort with a group size of two to eight persons. We use the highest possible quality of hotels and comfortable vehicles available in the country. Unlike many other group tours, programs for the luxury tours can be customised in terms of places of interest and number of participants. Here are three luxury tours to Ethiopia for a reference. You can join one of the tours or ask for customisation.


In this 16 days private luxury travel to Ethiopia, we discover the highlights of the country and travel through the ‘Historic Route’ in the north to the tribes of lower Omo Valley in the south. In northern Ethiopia, we visit centuries-old rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the old towns of Axum and Gondar and the sumptuous Simien Mountains National Park. In Southern Ethiopia, we have the chance to explore the culture and traditions of different fascinating ethnic tribes of lower Omo valley.


This tour takes us to the northern and the eastern parts of the country to explore remarkable places and people with distinct cultures. In addition to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and old towns of Axum and Gondar, this luxury travel to Ethiopia repays us with the power of nature in the magnificent Simien Mountains National Park and game drive in Awash National Park. The colorful markets in Dire Dawa and the walled city of Harar adds extra flavor to the tour.

9 Days Luxury Tour to Northern Ethiopia

In 9 days of private luxury travel to Ethiopia, we experience historically magnificent and culturally rich Northern Ethiopia, also described the ‘Historic Route.’ This region hosts the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and old towns of Axum and Gondar, and reflect the history and civilization of the country from the first to the twelve century AD.