Our four private tours to Ethiopia cover major highlights of the country. You will discover the most famous places of the country summarized in one trip. In northern Ethiopia, also called the “Historic Route,” we admire the millennia-old history and traditions. We visit the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and old towns of Axum and Gondar. We also feel the power of nature in the majestic Simien Mountains National Park. Then, we go down to Southern Ethiopia and dive into the culture and traditions of different fascinating ethnic tribes. In these private tours to Ethiopia, we have the chance to interact and get to know the people and culture of Ethiopians through a visit to family in a village and enjoy the typical coffee ceremony or cooking evenings with the family.

This 12 days private tour to Ethiopia covers the northern part of the country. The Northern Ethiopia has been playing an important role in shaping the history and culture of the country since the beginning of Ethiopian Civilisation 3,000 years ago. Notably, Axumite, Agew (Lalibela) and Gondarine civilizations left historical and cultural legacies which are included in this tour.

The 15 Days tour to Northern and Eastern Ethiopia shows a clear contrast of two wonderful cultures. In the North, the tour covers island monasteries of Lake Tana, the Castles of Gondar, Simien Mountains, and architecture of early Ethiopian civilization at Axum and Lalibela. Then, the tour extends to the east to visit the colorful markets and vibrant culture of the old town of Harar.

Traveling to northern and southern Ethiopia is almost covering the history, culture, and nature of the country in one trip. This group tour to Ethiopia covers the historic places like Lalibela, Gondar, Axum and Bahir Dar. The tour also combines the extraordinary natural beauty of Simien Mountains and unique culture of tribes of Lower Omo Valley.

This private tour to Ethiopia covers almost all major touristic attractions and activities in Ethiopia. These include rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, desert travel in Danakil and Erta Ale, and trekking in Simien Mountains. The millennia-old towns of Axum & Gondar, hiking in Tigray mountains and visiting the fascinating tribes of Lower Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia are also a great addition.

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