Ethiopia is an ideal place for trekkers. Ethiopia trekking tours are an epic experience in the whole Africa. Ethiopia is home to many rugged mountains with beautiful scenery that offers a stunning trekking experience. The Ethiopian Highlands stretches from the north to south-east of the country and separated by the Great East African Rift Valley system. The highlands have excellent spots for both novice and experienced trekkers. Trekking through the dramatic Simien Mountains National Park and active volcanoes in Erta Ale in north Ethiopia, for instance, is a must-do activity in the country. Trekking in the Bale Mountains in the south and Gheralta Mountains in the north are also the choices of many travelers. In our trekking tours, we focus mainly on the breathtaking Simien Mountains and Active Volcanos from Afar region on different difficulty levels. All trekking tours are combined with few days of cultural trips.

This tour is not just trekking in Ethiopia, but also discover the most famous and must-visit places in the country. The trekking stretches from the northern massifs in Simien Mountains National Park, also called the ‘Roof of Africa,’ to one of the lowest points in Africa, Danakil Depression. The power of nature in the majestic Simien Mountains National Park and active volcanoes in Erta Ale and the tribes of lower Omo Valley are highlights of this adventure and trekking tour. This Ethiopia trekking tour goes 4,620 meters a.s.l up in Ras Dashen Mountain (the highest peak in the country) and 116 meters b.s.l down in Dallol.

While the focus of this tour is mainly on adventure and active, it perfectly combines trekking in Ethiopia with culture. The trekking in the magnificent Simien mountains goes as high as 4000 meters and continue to the semi-arid Tigray to climb century-old rock-hewn churches on the top of Gheralta mountains. Then the tour continues to Danakil depression where there is camel caravan to the salt mines in one of the lowest point on Earth. The fascinating churches of Lalibela and the colorful town of Harar are rewarding last stops of the tour.

This trekking tour in Ethiopia is witnessing the beauty of nature with the extraordinary view of the magnificent Simien Mountains National Park and the abundance of flora and fauna in it. The trek goes through the escarpments and narrow paths along the cliffs of several mountains for nine days. Other than the dramatic view of the mountains, the trekking in Simien Mountains is accompanied by many endemic mammals like Chelada Baboons, Walia Ibex, and Ethiopian Wolves. The tour also explores several remarkable places in the northern part of the country and manifest the millennia-old history and traditions of the people of Ethiopia.