Ethiopia is one of the most culturally diversified nations hosting more than 80 different ethnic groups. This section mainly focus on the Lower Omo Valley tour to tribes in southern Ethiopia. The Lower Omo Valley is home to several tribes with fascinating cultures. In our Lower Omo Valley tour, we learn the culture and traditions of Mursi, Hamer, Dassanech and other tribes. We visit several villages and attend social and ritual activities. The tour also includes activities and events that guests can take part in with local, like a homestay in some remote villages. Such interactions with locals will help guests better understand the daily life of an Ethiopian family. Some of our tours also extend to the culturally rich town of Harar in Eastern Ethiopia.

This tour will take us to Lower Omo Valley tribes in Southern Ethiopia. We dive into the culture and traditions of various fascinating ethnic tribes of South Ethiopia. These include Mursi, Ari, Hamer, Arbore and the Dassanech. Other than the tribes, we will have a boat ride and small hike in the Nechisar National Park. The colorful markets in several small villages add extra flavor to the tour. In this Lower Omo Valley tour, we visit a village and enjoy the typical coffee ceremony with a local family. This gives us a chance to get to know the people and culture of South Ethiopians.

This trip to the Omo Valley and Harar covers southern and eastern parts of Ethiopia. Southern Ethiopia is home to 56 different ethnicities including the fascinating ethnic tribes in the Omo valley. In the Eastern part of Ethiopia, we travel to Harar, an old town registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Harar is a walled city known for its colorful markets and vibrant culture. Besides, we do a short boat ride and hike at the Nechisar National Park and game drive in Awash National Park.